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History of DCVA

Disabled Crime Victim Assistance, Inc. (DCVA) was founded as a result of tragedy in the lives of the founders of this organization.

In 1988, ten days after college graduation, Elizabeth was shot multiple times in the chest and back by a client at a Mental Health Mental Retardation facility. After weeks of hospitalization and little hope for survival, Elizabeth was left with a spinal cord injury and paralysis from the chest down. During her quest to locate services for Elizabeth, Wanda also began to work with crime victims. She found there was a complete lack of services for the disabled crime victims.

Wanda founded DCVA in 1999 which began as a grass roots organization and is a pioneer in the field of assisting disabled crime victims. DCVA began out of Wanda's home, but it soon became essential to have an office for victims to come to for services. DCVA's office is centrally located in Fort Worth, convenient to the courthouse and hospital district, and is accessible for those who may have a disability.

The hardships experienced by disabled crime victims, including the psychological, social, legal, and economical struggles are overwhelming. When a victim becomes disabled as a result of a crime, he/she is not only involved in the criminal justice system, but are also facing long hospital stays, medical complications, changes in careers, changes in family roles and changes in physical abilities. DCVA has advocated for disabled crime victims rights where and when no one else has.

DCVA primarily serves persons with disabilities and coordinates with other available services for crime victims. DCVA is continuing to develop resources to increase services. We truly appreciate your time and consideration in helping us to achieve our goals.


Summer 2003

Winter 2003-2004

Board of Directors

Wanda Page Terry Vernon
Elizabeth Page John Page
Dub Gillum Becky Gibbs
Bob Edwards Dianne Hengst
Debra Simons Teresa Wright

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